Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

After a steamy night together, colleagues Uea and King who don’t get along during the day, decide to be bed-friends post office hours. But will the sparks between their sheets spread to their hearts? Directed by Cheewin Thanamin Wongskulphat, who also directed the campy rom-com “Secret Crush On You,” the 2023 mini-series “Bed Friend” stars James Supamongkon Wongwisut and Net Siraphop Manithikhun as Uea and King respectively.

What could have been a raunchy and entertaining romance with the reliable “enemies to lovers” trope, unfortunately becomes chaotic with several sexual harassment sub-plots. At one point, it becomes bizarre to see every second person trying to sexually assault Uea, and these conflicts are forced into the story rather superficially. James Supamongkon Wongwisut plays the beautiful but cynical Uea, and looks great with King (played by Net Siraphop Manithikhun) but struggles with the more emotionally challenging parts of his role. Net is a lot more nuanced as the flirty King who longs for Uea’s attention and love.

The series looks great, with scenic cinematography in both indoor and outdoor locations. However, the weak script gradually diminishes interest in the tale. For instance, Tom Ratchaneekorn Phanmanee does a good job portraying Uea’s mean and nasty mother, but viewers never get a convincing explanation as to why she is such a greedy and selfish character. Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa, who debuted as Syn in “Cutie Pie,” plays Uea’s clueless but sweet best friend Jade, providing some mild comic relief in the series. The actor playing Uea’s evil ex boyfriend is completely forgotten after a few appearances, even though he is introduced as a guy who refuses to back down.

The creators of “Bed Friend” should have either fleshed out the sub-plots or stuck to keeping it a sexy-romance series with fewer episodes instead of over-stretching it to ten.

It’s a 5 on 10 from me.

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