Things were supposed to be getting crazier in soccer anime series ‘Blue Lock’, especially after episode 12 ended with an exciting reveal – that Reo Mikage, Nagi Seishiro and Zantetsu Tsurugithe aren’t the top three players in the building! However, some of the new characters who take center-stage in the new episode are annoying, making the proceedings a little overbearing.

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Aptly titled ‘The Top Three’, episode 13 sees primary protagonist Isagi Yoichi and his team of three going against the top three players of ‘Blue Lock’. Rin Itoshi, who is at rank 1 as per the revised rankings, is a total jackass and easily the worst character in the show so far. The writers give him excessive swagger, his personality is too cliched and he brings down the pace of the episode every time he opens his mouth. Aoshi Tokimitsu who is ranked 3 is a bit of a weirdo too, he is exceptionally nervous and reminded me of Zenitsu Agatsuma from ‘Demon Slayer’, Aoshi is also an unpredictable nervous wreck but is nowhere as funny or endearing as Zenitsu.

Rank 2 Jyubei Aryu serves as mild comic-relief due to his obsession with beauty; he says dialogues like ‘assist my glam goals’. However, the writers should’ve inserted some more comic relief to make the edition a little more entertaining. Things do get exciting by the end of the episode during the ‘three versus three’ match, and things end on an unpredictable note. Can Isagi, Bachira and Nagi beat the top 3 with their quick thinking and teamwork?

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