Finally the segment I wasn’t looking forward to – Barou’s childhood flashback and how he anointed himself as the king of soccer. Considering how ‘Blue Lock’ has been progressing as a series so far, most fans were probably expecting his back-story in the last edition itself, but the creators saved it to start episode 18 with. However, it was short and helps the viewer understand why he is so self-centred and stuck up.

(Read ‘Blue Lock’ Episode 1 Review if you have no idea what the show is about)

Aptly named ‘The Protagonist’s Seat’, episode 18 continues with the nail-biting ‘three versus three’ match. With Barou refusing to play like he is part of a team, Isagi and Nagi decide it’s up to them to survive this round. With Chigiri’s speed on their side, Reo and Kunigami have their own strategy in place to turn the tide in their favour. Things move at a satisfactory pace and all players level up individually in the stressful game which throws up plenty of surprises.

Team Isagi versus Team Reo has probably been one of the most interesting matches in ‘Blue Lock’ so far or rather the most anticipated one. Ego also makes a cameo and is himself quite taken aback and pleased with the way things are turning out in the facility. He is pretty sure Japan’s next best player is among his ‘diamonds in the rough’.

The episode ends with a good cliff-hanger – who gets picked from the losing side by the winners?

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