‘Blue Lock’ is at a point where it’s become so ridiculously entertaining that I don’t want the series to ever end! Episode 21 was half-annoying (courtesy Isagi’s non-stop commentary) and half-hilarious, so on the whole it was another edition that kept you amused through its runtime.

(Read ‘Blue Lock’ Episode 1 Review if you have no idea what the show is about)

Episode 21, titled ‘I’m Not Here,’ continues the nail-biting match between Rin Itoshi’s squad and team Isagi, where Nagi’s spectacular soccer skills turn the tables for the underdogs. However, no one on the field is sure who will score the next goal and win the crazy match. Even master Ego is impressed with his players’ evolution on Blue Lock.

Some parts of the match were tedious because there was too much mind-talk going on. Although Bachira is currently my favorite character, he decides to have an existential crisis during the crucial game. While questioning one’s ability when surrounded by talented sportsmen who are demonic in their game is understandable, the creators should have postponed Bachira’s mental monologue for later. Nonetheless, there were some great moments in the episode.

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