If it weren’t for the adorable Lana Condor, there is no way anybody could survive beyond a few minutes of Netflix’s 2022 series ‘Boo, Bitch’. It’s just another teen series about a ‘loser’ high-school kid trying to get a do-over and becoming popular.

Created by Erin Ehrlich, Lauren Lungerich and Tim Schauer, ‘Boo, Bitch’ starts off cute, silly, funny and soon descends into being unwatchable. Lana Condor and Zoe Margaret Colletti play best-friends Gia and Erica Vu, who are pretty much invisible at school – nobody knows them and people think Erica’s name is ‘Helen Who’, thanks to a bully. The two attend their first senior party, where Erica has the time of her life, gets sloshed and meets with an accident while returning home. Next thing we know – Erica is apparently dead but continues to be an embodied ghost who pees. The friends think Erica needs to live her best life in order to cross over to the afterlife. So the goal – attend prom with the high school hottie. Obviously.

For a ghost-themed series, unfortunately, the makers don’t tap into the supernatural potential of the story to garner laughs. Teen drama and Erica Vu’s personal goal to become popular completely overshadows the fact that she is a dead person walking like nothing happened. There is a group called ‘Afterlifers’ featured in the story, a random bunch of kids who are like a ghost club, but they barely get to do much. Also, even though there is a twist, one can smell it in the very first episode. So brace yourself for a lot of predictability, and shit tonnes of abbreviations that make no sense, so their full-forms are pasted in bold across the screen every time a teen uses it.

Lana Condor slowly transforms from a super sweet invisible girl known by the wrong name ‘Helen Who’, to a self-centered influencer Erica Vu. She switches from needy to bitchy perfectly, but her ‘bitch mode’ is just annoying AF. Interestingly, her onscreen chemistry with Mason Versaw who plays her boyfriend Jake C is on point, they are almost as cute as Lana & Noah in Netflix’s darling romantic film series ‘To All The Boys…’. Visually, the show looks just as good as any other Netflix title in the genre – everything is lively, caffeinated, colorful, like out of a pop music video.

Watch it if you are a Condor fan, it’s just another mediocre teen comedy series that completely wastes its potential, but manages to be mildly entertaining. The kind of show you can watch without exerting any brain cell.

It’s a 5/10 from me.

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