I saw her a few times, at my brother’s house. But the first time I spent any time with her was only last month. She had just given birth to four adorable kitties. My brother and his friends had overseen the delivery.

She was sitting huddled with her kitties in a suitcase, suckling them calmly. One of the kittens was struggling hard to find a teat.

“They are still blind, they bite her everywhere,” my brother explained.

When she realised she had company who could look after her young ones, she swiftly moved out the case and started walking around.

We got hold of her and stroked her. Her fur was the softest I had ever stroked.

“Oh my god, her fur is so soft, she is like a soft toy,” my colleague exclaimed.

“What’s her name?”


I was visiting my brother along with a colleague who loves cats. I had randomly showed her Chika’s photos at office because I knew she adored cats.

“Can I also come with you to see the cats?”.

The result was us sitting and fawning over Chika and her babies for three hours. All we did was stare at the little kitties and pet their mumma.

“She is sooo cute, she is the cutest cat I have ever met,” my colleague kept saying.

We were supposed to visit last week again, but I was outta town. And now, we ll never get to pet her again.

She was chasing a pigeon that sat perched on the 9th floor window. She fell to her death.