Captain America: Civil War is the biggest superhero movie delivered to us after the big ticket Batman VS Superman from the DC world. That movie dashed some hopes, thus, raising the stakes for the Marvel offering.

But the Russo brothers do not disappoint and have donned the director’s hat to brilliance. The movie is fast paced, layered with a lot of action deserving of a superhero movie, adrenaline pumping fight and chase sequences and the best bit – it is peppered with just the right amount of humour that does not make you feel like a forced joke was put in there just to get some laughter out of the audience. As had been the case with some of the previous Marvel movies.

The breaking up of the mighty avengers into Team Captain America and Team Ironman, a clash of titans, a theme that was played by the Batman VS Superman movie too, is fleshed out more convincingly than the latter.

The movie starts of with how the Winter Soldier Barnes or Cap’s friend Buckie is made by Hydra in the year 1991 and he ‘extracts’ some stuff from a car for the notorious outfit. The significance of the scene is not revealed until  much later, so the first half might make some viewers feel like the plot is all over the place.

However, the real plot breaking point is revealed soon enough – why the Avengers disintegrate – the United Nations wants the team to start functioning as a government unit and agree to an accord signed by a 100 plus odd nations, to get into action, only when the UN wants them to. This offer is made to make them stop looking like vigilantes and well to help them assuage the guilt caused when innocents die as collateral damage during their missions.

To quote the Cap – “Try to save as many people as we can, that does not mean everybody”. So while Ironman agrees to the proposal put forth by the UN, Captain America refuses to let go off autonomy and thus starts the ‘civil war’.

All the actors reprise their roles well, but the surprise that was packed at the end of the trailer — spiderman — probably emerges as the most likeable character of all.

This is not a Captain America movie, but an Avengers movie, and it’s pretty good one at that. The ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ that rang loud in the theatre announced that the audience was loving what was being served.

Tip: Stay till the end of the credits.