When I saw that Castlevania’s season 3 was out on Netflix, I literally did a dance of excitement!

“There is a Castlevania season 3, let’s binge watch it!”.

All that excitement slowly ebbed out as I started watching the first episode.

Season 3 lacked everything that made the first two seasons epic and worth watching not once, but twice.

  1. It lacked pace. Indian dramas are faster.
  2. It lacked action. All that kick-ass slicing-dicing and blood everywhere from the first two seasons just ain’t there.
  3. It lacked a big baddie. But I guess it’s hard for anyone to match Dracula’s stature?
  4. There was no suspense. It’s like they are not even trying.
  5. Forget suspense, everything was predictable.
  6. I would predict at least two plot twists and the actual plot-twist would always be the more boring one. One that I was already expecting
  7. The background score was shit. Unlike the previous seasons.
  8. The animation somehow seemed flaky. It felt like you are playing a game. And I know it is inspired by a game. But something about the animation seemed off this time.
  9. Alucard had nothing to do. His whole sub-plot was pretty pointless. Which is very frustrating.
  10. Hector, the forgemaster that betrays Dracula and in turn gets fucked over by the evil scheming Vampire woman goes through more predictable shit.
  11. This time, we have the whole Church angle again and how those guys are assholes. But this time it doesn’t affect you much, because they are literally madmen. It’s different when you have sane men being evil. But when mentally unstable people do crappy stuff, you don’t feel as outraged.
  12. The only saving grace was that Sypha and the Belmont boy still get some fighting to do. And their chemistry was intact, if not sizzling.
  13. Looked like the makers made this one when they were high, only that can explain the snail pace and crazy shiny colour scheme. I mean look at this monster. Does he have shiny sperms for hair?

14. The scheming Vampire sisters are not evil enough and barely do much. Except for torturing poor Hector.

15. And the 18+ rating, which warns that there is sex around this time – don’t expect much.

I saw the first two seasons twice, savouring every second even the second time around. But the first season was agonisingly slow. I felt like weeping, because the latest season is a shame in front of the other two.

Also, I regret suggesting the series to someone just before season 3 came out. Now when they get to season 3, they are going to judge me.

Without Dracula, things are just not the same. Sigh.