Notice how the poster of the 2021 Netflix film ‘Caught By A Wave’ is reminiscent of ‘Fault in Our Stars’? They are both teen romance flicks, although ‘Caught By A Wave’ has only one dying protagonist, while the other one has both leads suffering from a terminal illness. Here’s a reference picture of both of them side by side –

Directed by Massimiliano Camaiti, ‘Caught By A Wave’ tells the story of Sara (Elvira Camarrone), who meets and falls in love with Lorenzo (Roberto Christian) while attending a sailing summer camp in Sicily. So expect beautiful blue waters under the Sicilian sun which will stir up a desire to travel.

The cheery Lorenzo falls for the feisty Sara, unaware that she suffers from a serious illness. Can the two young lovers weather it out? Director Camaiti uses classic tropes to carry their story forward and there is little left to the imagination. But the picturesque locations and an adorable lead couple might keep a lot of viewers invested in the film. Actor Elvira reminds one of Emma Watson and is exceedingly cute as the teen trying to keep up her spirit despite having a life-threatening condition.

‘Caught By A Wave’ is not nearly as dramatic or tragic as ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, and that’s probably a good thing. The chemistry between the protagonists is on point and what made it more believable was the fact that the two share the same passion – of sailing. While it’s not exactly a very memorable movie, it’s makes for a pleasant watching experience.

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