Rating: 3 out of 5.

‘Cherry Magic The Movie’ turned out to be a lot more serious and dramatic in tone than expected. While it’s not as fun or hilarious as the series, the movie does have some adorable romantic moments between the leads that are endearing.

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Eiji Akaso and Keita Machida reprise their roles as Adachi and Kurosowa respectively. The movie picks up the plot from where the series ended, so Adachi and Kurosawa are comfortably carrying on their sweet office romance. However, their relationship gets complicated when Adachi is offered a lucrative position in a different city and the couple is faced with the challenges of long-distance dating.

Directed by Hiroki Kazama, the movie is a lot blander, with none of the laugh-out-loud moments that made the series so popular and endearing. Even though the leads have declared their love for each other, they are painfully shy and keep a lot of their feelings bottled up, instead of talking things out. Eiji Akaso and Keita Machida deliver earnest performances, but the script doesn’t do justice to their chemistry and puts them through unnecessary trials and then gives them a rather hasty conclusion.

Despite its flaws, ‘Cherry Magic The Movie’ is a feel-good flick and hinges on the performances of its lead pair. Luckily for the makers, they have reliable stars headlining the film.

It’s a 7/10 from me.

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