Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Finally, an episode that begins with action that’s gritty and not just pretty! But after a gripping start, it’s back to pretentious dialogues and boring sequences. And unlike episode three, this edition doesn’t even have exciting locations, although the fight scene was bloody and well-done for the first time, without the gross exaggerations. Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia gets to be a swift killing machine with the bad guys this time, while Richard Madden’s Mason is still a little lost since he doesn’t remember being a spy.

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Titled “Tell Her Everything”, episode 4 employs all sorts of spy film cliches, which is made more mundane by the consistent cosmetic dialogues. The familiar themes of saving the world, spy romance, betrayal, and family baggage are present, but they lack finesse in their execution. While Richard Madden has been convincing thus far as an action hero, there are moments in this episode where he appears robotic, as if his facial muscles were restricted, hindering his ability to convey emotions. Ironically, these scenes take place in the past when Mason Kane had not yet lost his memories and was a formidable agent.

Following the revelation that Abby Conroy (Ashleigh Cummings) is also a Citadel agent who had her memories erased, viewers are treated to flashback sequences showcasing her exceptional skills as a top-tier agent and her connection with the nefarious Silje brothers. Roland Møller’s portrayal of the twin brothers adds intrigue to the narrative, despite his limited screen-time as a secondary villain. I was expecting a lot more from this episode, which had a great start, but dulled down as the minutes went by.

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