Set in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead (TWT) universe, ‘Clementine’ is a graphic novel by Tillie Walden exploring a disabled teen girl’s adventures in a post-apocalyptic world rife with zombies.

Plot-wise, Tille Walden manages to capture the essence of Kirkman’s dystopian comic series, but the artwork is nowhere close to as impressive as Charlie Adlard’s killer inks in TWT. On the contrary, Walden’s illustrations are cluttered, chaotic and make it hard to decipher the panels sometimes, because the strokes aren’t clean. The art’s more like notebook scribbles. Wasn’t a fan.

Clementine is an interesting protagonist, those familiar the TWT will completely understand her need to be on her own & complete distrust towards strangers. She is someone who doesn’t remember much of the world before zombies took over, and thus the cynicism. Regardless, in Walden’s worlds, she does make a few friends.

Set largely in a snowy mountain, the reader may feel some chills reading it, but not due to the horror. Nevertheless, Clementine makes for a quick read, and is essentially about a bunch of teens trying to survive under extremely harsh circumstances that don’t include many walkers. But book one gets over too soon and ends with the kind of cliffhanger that would want readers to pick the next installment.

It’s a 3/5 from me.

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