Even the most random piece of art, however bad, stupid or meaningless, is inspired by something. Like this little doodle here.


Okay, one might be tempted to deduce from the picture and the title that Tim Burton’s movie probably served as muse for this hurried scribbling on a blank page, but it did not.

It was actually just death. And more specifically a news story about Chinese men paying lots of money for literal corpse brides. We are talking about people digging out graves of dead women, wiring them up, dressing them in bridal gowns and ‘marrying’ the skeleton to dying men. Because it is believed to be bad luck if a man dies a bachelor.

So a bizarre business of stealing corpses of women just to rebury them again, this time with a dead man, is well, booming in parts of China at an alarming rate. Considering how large the ‘elder’ population is in that country, not surprising that more people are dying than before.

According to cop in a report, some 3 dozen bodies were missing from one province in China. What was worse, was that there was this bit about a man who found out that his mother’s body went missing and he has been pumping a lot of money to trace it back. He talked about how it breaks his heart to not know what has happened to her remains.

A man recalls how he planned to put his dead bachelor brother to rest with a doll made out of dough to serve as a symbolic bride but the elders in village insisted that he could prevent misfortune from falling on his brother (in his after-life I am presuming) only he buries the body with a real corpse. So he bought one, for quite some cash.

Rich superstitious families are ready to pay a fortune to bury their single kin, so much so that, the lure of wealth had prompted a man to kill his wife so he could sell her corpse. Talk about making money out of the dead.