Netflix just dropped the trailer to its new French film ‘Crazy About Her’ (Loco por ella – original title) starring Álvaro Cervantes, Luis Zahera, Susana Abaitua. The trailer starts off typical romantic comedy style – where two strangers hook up and tell each they don’t need to remember anything about the night.

The two strangers tell each other just their firs names, the guy is Adri and the lady is Carla. While Carla vanishes into thin air the next day, Adri develops a crush he cannot shrug off. So he frantically begins to look for Carna and finally finds her in a mental health facility.

“This is a madhouse”? he asked bewildered, when he finds the place. Undeterred, he manages to admit himself at the facility so that he can court Carla, who claims she is a manic-depressive. We then are shown a few montage like scenes from the ‘madhouse’ & I guess the rest of the story is about whether these two individuals will end up together in the most unlikely of places.

There weren’t any fun moments in the trailer, although it briefly did remind me of ‘The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind’, which was a magical movie by the way. The plot definitely seems interesting, but one is made to hope that this film doesn’t romanticize mental health problems.

The lead actor Álvaro Cervantes looks like a mash between Liam Hemsworth and Prince Harry. I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks that, take a look for yourselves –

The film is directed by Danny De La Ordan, who has made a few romantic comedies in the past, although ‘Crazy About Her’ seems a little different. Will have to find out if its worth a watch on release date! Leaving you with the trailer.