Sometimes, your mind goes to a dark place and for some, that’s where poetry begins… at least for me. I can’ even remember when I wrote my first poem, perhaps when I was eight? Perhaps some silly six liner about how boarding school sucks, I don’t know.

I just self-published a poetry collection called “Death & Darker Realms” which starts off with a poem written when I was eighteen. It has taken me years and years to finally gain the confidence and patience to compile it. I didn’t even try to approach a publisher, because I dread any form of communication with strangers, especially the kind who you have to convince to sell something. Neither did I want to pay anybody for publishing my book, so Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing seemed the best option to me.

The poems have been written over a decade and the older ones from my teen years haven’t been tampered with. Although they are not in any chronological order. It’s available on the Amazon Kindle app, while it costs about 107 INR, for U.S users it’s just a little over a dollar and just about that much in all other countries.

To those who have any interest in poetry, please check it out and leave a review.