Ow! Ow! and Ow again!

Tanjiro is brutally beaten by demons within a few seconds of his appearance in Episode four of “Swordsmith Village Arc”, it makes all of your worries from the last one justified. Poor chap had barely recovered from the last time his gang was attacked. I definitely wanted to see a lot of action, so in terms of fighting, this episode was engrossing as hell, at the same time, you can’t help but worry about the protagonists. There aren’t enough slayers to deal with two top tier demons rampaging through the village and everybody bleeds like they are soon going to die from their wounds.

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Titled “Thank You, Tokito”, the episode begins with Muichiro running back to the scene of action after he was blown across the village by one of Hantengu’s clone. Shocked by the demon’s rejuvenating powers, Tanjiro, Nezuko and Genya lead a desperate bloody battle to defeat the monsters. Packed with fast-paced action sequences, episode four will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its gory, violent slicing and dicing. There’s so much blood spouting in this episode that the anime could give “Evil Dead” movies a run for their money.

There’s only one slight problem with this edition and its Tanjiro’s endless thoughts, his head voice constantly explains everything, which disrupts the tense battle scenes. However, it’s still a lot less than his overdone monologues during the clashes in “Entertainment District”. Overall, it was an entertaining edition, which ends with the promise of a fun next episode.

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