Genya. Genya. Genya. What a weirdo! Totally scared some of us with all that frothing in his mouth at the end of episode five when he turned towards Tanjiro during their brutally bloody fight with the upper moons. Turns out, the angry intimidating brat also has a tragic childhood like the protagonist and feels the desperate need to prove himself as a worthy demon slayer.

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Titled “Aren’t You Going to Become A Hashira”, episode six of “Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village Arc” is interspersed with flashbacks of Genya’s childhood as he, Tanjiro and Nezuko battle Hantengu’s four powerful clones. Genya’s painful past is worth re-telling, but I wish they had played those scenes a little earlier on in the season instead of a critical “do or die” juncture. Tanjiro brainstorms hard to figure out how the trio can defeat their opponent and there’s a funny little twist that makes the rather dark bloody chain of events entertaining. Muichiro Tokito on the other hand is completely trapped by Gyoko’s blood demon art and Mitsuri Kanroji surprisingly had no scenes in this edition.

Overall, episode six was swiftly paced, with some stark violence that will have action fans thrilled and the face-off between the demon-slayers and the two top demons are far from over. Given the fatal blows the human heroes are taking, it’s going to be extremely surprising and unreal if nobody dies in this season!

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