Hero Tanjiro relentlessly pursues the elusive Hantengu, determined to sever his head. However, an unexpected and sinister new entity suddenly emerges out of nowhere, stunning the demon slayers. The seventh episode of the “Swordsmith Village Arc” aptly named “Awful Villain” continues to follow Tanjiro and team’s endeavors to vanquish the two formidable demons that have infiltrated the tranquil village where weapons for the Demon Slayer Corps are crafted.

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Although the initial moments of “Awful Villain” are filled with tension, the pace quickly diminishes as the focus shifts from Tanjiro’s intense confrontation with the new demon to Muichiro’s futile attempts to free himself from the repulsive water bubble that entraps him. The scenes involving Muichiro are slow-paced and may test the patience of viewers. They lack the blood, gore, and action that made the previous episodes pass by in a flash. The only exhilarating moment in this episode was the unexpected unveiling of Haganezuka’s face, the short-tempered yet dedicated swordsmith responsible for crafting Tanjiro’s blades.

It’s peculiar that the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, hasn’t made an appearance in the last two episodes. Considering her lightning-fast speed, she should have been in the thick of things by now. We already know she is present in the village, as she effortlessly annihilated Gyokko’s demonic “creations” within seconds. So why hasn’t she come to the aid of either Muichiro or Tanjiro? Including a few scenes with her would have injected some excitement into the story-line. Overall, episode seven was a disappointing “filler” edition and I hope we get more action in the next one.

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