So Netflix just dropped the trailer for ‘Extraction 2’, which was really just largely parts of the climax of the first ‘Extraction’ film by Sam Hangrave starring Chris Hemsworth. The only new thing in the 2021 trailer is the bit where Hemsworth is underwater, seemingly unconscious, but then he opens his eyes and tries to swim back up. The screen cuts to a black title card with the hashtag #RakeLives – for the uninitiated, Rake is the protagonist’s name.

So as viewers, we are just supposed to be excited that Rake is not dead, because it means he might get another exciting mission, hopefully not in a developing country drenched in an artificial yellow tint. Look, Extraction 1 was quite fun, had a few good actions sequences, and a whole lot of predictable needless emotion drama. So do we really need a sequel?

Netflix seems to have a LOT of money and it’s about sequels, just look at their feed, five new trailers/announcements in just one hour. There’s Extraction, Cobra Kai Season 4, The Sandman, Bridgerton Season 2 (obviously) & Through My Window.

Bridgerton is understandable, because even though a lot of people weren’t fans, millions were, and it went on to break some viewing records for the streaming site and was watched world over by too many people. Don’t remember people being that gaga over Extraction. But as we think about it, maybe a part II would be more exhilarating, because Rake’s emotional baggage and humane side has already been explained in the first film. So the makers can now just focus on Rake’s mission and not soppy flashbacks about how he tried to be a good dad. Maybe this time – he will just be a kick-ass assassin. Fingers crossed for that.

Here’s the trailer by the way –