So apparently “senti menti” is a thing. And no, it’s not in reference to the several Italian footballers from Modena. Just in case you were wondering and thinking about that bunch from Italy.

These guys have nothing to do with what I am talking about. Nothing at all. I swear.

There is possibly no way of tracking down the phrase’s origin, it’s not even in the urban dictionary yet. And if it is neither in the Oxford Dictionary or the Urban Dictionary, it cannot be a word right? Well, that does not matter.

I heard a friend once furiously arguing with another friend and say in the most condescending way “don’t be senti menti man”, at least thrice. And each time I heard it, I tried not to laugh out hard and diffuse the serious mood or get hit by the friend. After about a week or two, I hear an uncle of mine talking about some business deal on the phone and giving advice about how “they will try and fool you, do not fall for their senti menti”, my reaction – “what the…!”.

Well, English is not my language, and it’s fun watching people mutilate it. Also it is the very fun to yourself kill it English *grins*

If you are the sorts that gets nostalgic when you see anything that might remind you of old painful memories and then the floodgates of your lacrimal lake threaten to open, here is good advice for you – Don’t get Senti Menti man.