Margot is a witch with a potions business she is trying to keep afloat, and Elena is a struggling musician who works at a doughnut shop. When the two meet, it’s annoyance and angst at first sight, but as they get to know each other better, the negativity between the two dissipates and love fills the air. Quite literally (Margot has a flying broom after all). ‘Doughnuts & Doom’ by Balazs Lorinczi is a quick breezy sapphic romantic tale, with some sugar and sass on the sides.

The artwork is the best bit about the book, both the characters of Margot and Elena are very expressive and the creator doesn’t shy away from making them look unattractive when their negative emotions run high. An angry Margot may not be a pretty sight, but the strokes on her face are entertaining to watch/read. The two different worlds of magic and music collide in a fun manner, although there’s a very random villain in the tale, whose grouse against Margot is never explained.

Baazs Lorinczi definitely doesn’t dwell much into the motivations of its protagonists or the antagonist and serves a fast-paced ‘friends to enemies’ progression. The art panels keep readers engrossed until the last page, but too much happens too quickly and you are left wanting more. The climax felt straight out of a fluffy teen romantic movie, might be overtly cheesy for some readers, but just perfectly romantic for others.

It’s a 3.5/5 from me.

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