The 2021 animated film ‘Encanto’ which is available to stream on Disney Hotstar makes for a perfect weekend pick to watch with the family, especially for kids.

Plot overview – Set in a small town tucked away from the rest of the world, Encanto is ruled (sort of) by the Madrigals, a family where each member has special magical powers, except for the kind-hearted Mirabel. So when their house, which is considered the sources of their powers, starts showing signs of crackings, it’s up to Mirabel to save her family.

Encanto is visually quite the treat, with lots of color, diverse characters, and cute animals. There are a lot of strong women characters, like Mirabel’s older sister, who has Hercules like super-strength, so everybody in town keeps going to her for fixing/lifting things. Her other sister can grow plants and flowers at will, while their mothers is a healer. And at the top of the Madrigal clan is their Abuela (grandmom), the matriarch of the family, who runs the show.

Most of there characters get their own songs, and the tracks sometimes get a little too much. And the makers try to stuff in so many characters that none of them get enough space, so the viewers don’t have time to warm up to anyone. Unlike say a ‘Luca’, or even ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’, both animated movies that came out in the same year. It doesn’t help that the primary conflict of the story comes across as half-baked and underwhelming.

Regardless, it makes for a fun watch. Might get a little tedious for those who aren’t big fans of musicals.

It’s a 7/10 from me.

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