‘Enchante’ the series start off with a rich boy living in Paris with his grandmother, while his parents are back in Thailand. The makers want us to believe he pretty much never visits them in 9 long years, because wealthy kids obviously cannot afford to go back every year to their hometowns for summer vacations, right?

Directed by Film Pawis Sowsrion, the series has so many screenwriters, it’s hard to believe it took such a big team to write this shallow show. The primary premise is interesting – recently returned from France, Theo goes on a mission to find out who ‘Enchante’ is, an anonymous person who promises to be his friend. Theo (Kasidet Plookphol) teams up with his childhood friend Akk (Jiratchapong Srisang) to find ‘Enchante’, but things get complicated when four dashing students claim to be the same. Theo and Akk try to pin down the real Enchante and throughout the process Theo is largely a sulky bratty over-dramatic man-child. The amount of time, effort, energy the boy puts into the thing is ridiculous. The ending explains Theo’s actions, and makes him seem even more like a self-centered attention seeker. Although a lot of viewers are probably going to put his actions in the ‘cute’ category, because, well… he is cute.

Right in the first two episodes it so evident that something is brewing between Theo and Akk, that the whole ‘who is Enchante’ mystery becomes pointless and boring quickly. There are too many childhood flashbacks of the best-friends that are repetitive and mundane. Kasidet Plookphol is picture-perfect as the rich handsome Theo, but doesn’t have the charm to carry off a lead role. Jiratchapong Srisang as Akk on the other hand feels a lot more sincere as BFF; his character is the kind of reliable friend one would love to lean on. The two look great together, there’s some sweet chemistry going on in parts, but their romance is tepid, dragged out and annoying.

(Pusit Dittapisit and Aun Napat in a scene from Enchante)

The show is 10 episodes long, the ‘Enchante’ mystery finally comes to an end at episode 8, but instead of ending it there, things are dragged for two more episodes, where the focus shifts to a different theme that does not fit with the rest of the series. All the conflicts, including those involving the secondary characters seemed either forced or silly. Too bad, because actors Fluke Gawin Caskey and Fluke Pusit Dittapisit who plays singer Saifa and painter Natee respectively, ooze a lot of charm. They should probably give Pusit Dittapisit and Aun Napat a show of their own, the pair seem to have more ‘lead’ potential than Theo and Akk.

This is the story of a wealthy super-privileged kid trying to find love and being whiny along the way. And for a Literature undergrad who is a big bibliophile, Theo acts like a 10-year-old. Overall, ‘Enchante’ is probably not a bad one-time watch for those looking for a romantic series with lots of good-looking actors. The story needed a lot of work. It’s a 5/10 from me.

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