While experiencing a harsh summer – – the kinds that burns your skin, makes you dizzy in the head and want to hibernate in Alaska – –  it’s but natural to wish it would end fast and make way for some rainy relief.  The word ‘some’  is the key. But if you live in parts of the world,  where once it starts raining,  it never ceases to end, well,  that can get pretty depressing too.

While most of us just want to stay indoors and never step out until there is some sweet sunshine out again, others don’t even have that luxury.  There are the homeless huddles in train station or under Park benches.  Men, women, children, animals, all trying to escape the constant rain.


Just look at these poor little things huddled in the corner of a residential building.  One ‘shoo’ from an unkind neighbour is enough to chase them away to face a hostile day of constant downpour.


It makes one wonder what happens to the ones that cannot find shelter? Do dogs suffer from high temperatures due to staying out in the rain too long?  They sure as hell shiver if it gets too cold.

And yes,  they do get sick and are not supposed to be out too long in the rain.  They can contract water borne diseases.  IMG_20160707_164829_HDR.jpg

What is the point of this post?  Just the cute dog pictures.  And another subtle message – rains are bad news. And sure,  love them or hate them, we definitely need them.  The ironies of LIFE!   If only could sleep through the monsoon like bears do through winter.  Sigh.