Rating: 4 out of 5.

Evil Cast is a love letter to horror, its conventions, and its fans. Think Evil Dead meets Scooby Doo.

I did not want “Evil Cast: Volume 1” to end. Created by Kyle Stück and playfully illustrated by Enrico Orlandi, this horror comic series was a fun ride and is definitely somewhere between “Evil Dead” and “Scooby Doo”. Be ready for some ghosts, nightmares, deaths and blood, quite a lot of blood.

The plot follows the fictional versions of Kyle and his best friend, Noah Baslé, as they embark on a wild adventure. Their journey begins when they decide to confront Ruby, whom they suspect of setting Noah’s house on fire in retaliation for exposing him as a fake psychic on their podcast. While the two friends don’t believe in supernatural beings, their world-view is completely shattered when they are chased by a bloodthirsty woman with super-powers outside of Ruby’s mansion. To make matters worse, Ruby leads them into an underground maze filled with dark secrets, and a malevolent entity hunting for human flesh is on the prowl…

The characters Kyle and Noah initially emit strong “dude bros” vibes at the beginning of the series; however, as the story progresses, the characters do begins to feel slightly less stereotypical. For example, in the first few pages of the story, Kyle wakes up with his girlfriend and spooks her with some unsettling remarks, causing her to hit him and leave the flat. I was initially convinced he was being a deliberate jerk, but it turns out that his behavior was entirely unintentional. The older Ruby, who seems like the antagonist at first, gets a tragic flashback that adds depth to the story and steers it in a new direction.

Just as the excitement peaks, Kyle Stück concludes volume one, leaving readers waiting for volume 2.

Rating: 4 on 5

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