If you are on Instagram, chances are high that you’ve seen someone share a comic by Sarah Anderson. She makes these simple but adorable doodles that are very relatable. Owing to her popularity, she has ventured into publishing too. I finished reading a comic series called ‘Fangs’ by her.

So ‘Fangs’ basically chronicles the relationship between a vampire girl and a werewolf boy. Smells a little like twilight, doesn’t it? What disappointed me about this book was that it’s more like a scrapbook than a ‘comic series’. It’s just a bunch of funny/cute banter between the vampire girl who loves to dress up and the werewolf boy.

You have plenty of cartoonists out there making adorable panels that scream ‘hashtag relationship goals’. Sarah Anderson pretty much does the same in this, except that her protagonists aren’t humans. Here is a sample panel from her instagram account –

If you are looking for a coherent tale, you won’t find any. However, if you are in mood for some random adorable Vampire-Werewolf romance to just pass some time, take a bite of ‘Fangs’.