How does it feel like to be back to a place after several years or even decades, a place that once was your home? What goes through your head as you pass by streets that you once travelled by every day and then you smell whiffs emanating from passing vendors, of food you can never get anywhere else? What do you have to say when you meet people, faces you thought you had forgotten but the time spent with them comes rushing back to you as if it was only yesterday? As if only yesterday you were sipping tea and laughing with them. As if only yesterday you were out with your family shopping in lanes that remain just the same. Only a little aged and rugged, with some modern additions which seem out of place but exist with the older buildings in harmony. What goes through your mind as you see familiar streets washed in the previous day’s rain? And what do you have to say when it is time to finally say farewell and catch your train? You know you were home but it’s time to leave again.