Move now to another place

I think I need more space

I need to be away from you

You make me lose myself

But don’t you blame thyself

I am to take blame too

Because you, are my life

Like no other

Because you… complete me

Like no other

And you… will leave me

Sooner or later

For I let you… become this

A God I never believed in

And I let you… take over me

A love I never believed in

So before you break it off

Leave me in the desert

Of desolation and despair

Before I am beyond repair

I think I will see you off

To shores better off

I will say my goodbyes now

Don’t you ask me why & how

Because I just know you well

You don’t even have to tell

So before you make me cry

Let us say our last goodbye

And darling let this just end

No, you cannot be my friend

And we can never ever meet

Let this be our memory sweet

Of the past we cannot change

Of our love so brief & strange

Yet as great as love can be

As we look back we will see

But for now, farewell to thee

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