Femme Magnifigue is a graphic novel/comic complication about 50 iconic women. But each story and artwork is done by a different writer and artist, so be prepared for a varied art-style throughout the book.

While the women featured in the book are from all walks of life that you can possibly imagine, there are singers, actors, journalists, astronauts, marine biologists, comediennes and even v-loggers. The diverse tales are thrilling but a lot of them were very rushed and didn’t do justice to the protagonists. Some of them are just as short as three pages and merited more space.

Nevertheless, ‘Femme Magnifique’ is a very interesting book and introduces the reader to many achievers who didn’t get the kind of spotlight they deserved. If you have a curious mind, you’ll constantly find yourself taking a pause after most stories and looking up their names on the internet to get to know more about them.

A similar and far more inspirational book is one titled “Brazen” by Penelope Bagieu, which tells the story of 40 intriguing women and both the storytelling and artwork is a joy to look at. “Brazen” was a 5/5 for me, “Femme Magnifique” is a 3.5/5.

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