By Sneha Jaiswal (Twitter | Instagram)

Inspired by the real life stories of the world’s first women firefighters, the 2022 animated film ‘Fireheart’ is about a young girl who dreams of battling blazes in the 1930s, when it was considered a ‘men only’ job.

Directed by Theodore Ty and Laurent Zeitoun, the animation has been done by a Canadian studio called L’Atelier and might remind viewers of a bunch of Cartoon Network shows, which is a good thing. The artwork and character design isn’t exactly Pixar, Disney or Ghibli league, it’s still pretty bright, colorful, cute and quite delightful to watch. Lead character Georgia is introduced to viewers as a little girl with a dog, who aspires to become a firefighter like her father, but is discouraged when he tells her about how women aren’t allowed in the field. As she grows up, Georgia barely remembers her childhood dream, but when firefighters begin to disappear in mysterious fires around New York, she disguises herself as a man to assist her father in the investigations.

The story is pretty formulaic, taking notes from a lot of films already out there, so it’s somewhere between the goofy silly comedy ‘She’s The Man’ and the more serious heartwarming ‘Mulan’… minus the romance. Georgia is an adorable lead, and kids would probably love watching her antics as a young fireman trying to solve the mystery along with a bunch of misfits. It’s pretty easy to guess who the villain is and their motivations fit well with the overall theme of the story.

At its core, ‘Fireheart’ is a children’s film with a message about achieving your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. There is an unexpected emotional revelation at the end, which could’ve been avoided, but on the bright side – it probably makes the viewers like the main characters a little more. There is a wildly exaggerated climax in the end, which will have cynical adults wondering “seriously?! that’s not possible”, while the younger ones might be cheering for the heroes.

Overall, “Fireheart” might not leave a lasting impact, but is a fun cute movie for a one time watch. It’s a 6/10 from me. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video.

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