The 2021 Thai series “Fish Upon The Sky” is about two ‘rivals’ falling in love, or so director/screenwriter Golf Sakon Wong would like us to believe. What it really is – a silly, funny, exaggerated drama about a nerdy shy dentist student trying to chase a super-hot medical student, while another cute guy vies for his attention.

Phuwin plays Pattawee, the protagonist, who has a massive crush on Mueang Nan (Mix Sahaphaph) and decides to get a makeover to win his love. But Mueang Nan is always hanging out with another handsome student called Sutthaya (Pond Narawit). And while Pattawee thinks Sutthaya is in love with Meuang Nan and thus his love rival, that’s not quite true. What follows is a humorous, brainless college themed romance with a lot of confusion and fun.

Actor Phuwin looks more like a school-child than a college first-year, but it adds a lot of innocent aura to his character, which really blends well with the naive childlike personality the protagonist has in the series. Pattawee is an intelligent student, but quite dim-witted when it comes to the matters of the heart. What works well with this series is the fact that all the kids are pretty confident about their sexuality. So there is no emotional drama or tension over anybody being gay. Sutthaya is very upfront about his feelings and asks Pattawee to become his boyfriend, but will that happen? That’s really the rest of the story.

There is a sketch-like side-story about Pattawee’s rowdy older brother falling in love with a junior student in college, which serves as comic relief. The makers use a lot of exaggerated tropes to draw out the laughs. For example, just like a lot of other Thai gay series, there are a bunch of ‘BL’ crazy students on the campus that like to ship imaginary couples and start ‘fan pages’ for them. Sutthaya is shown to be a popular student and there are fan pages dedicated to who is next boyfriend or girlfriend could be. His fans literally stalk him constantly to find out more about his personal life and he is not even a celebrity. If this is how students are in colleges these days, it’s pretty crazy.

A lot of viewers might be able to relate to Pattawee’s character, who starts off as a unpopular student with close to no friends, and despite getting a make-over, he continues to suffer from crippling insecurities over his appearance. Amid all the comedy, ‘Fish Upon The Sky’ subtly tackles the issue of peer pressure in the times of Instagram and Facebook Fan Pages. Overall, it’s a cute and light series to watch, with a very underwhelming twist towards the climax which felt very forced. But it ends on a sweet note.

It’s a 6.5/10 from me.