Episode 61 of Abstract AF’s podcast is poetry themed. Ruminations on gender-fluidity, as more and more people choose to discard the traditional pronouns of ‘he’ and ‘she’.

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Here’s the text of the poem –

She said, she had first declared she wanted to be he
Later he said, maybe he didn’t want to be he or she
So he and she had a ‘he versus she’ talk
And then they finally settled for ‘they’
For sometimes he was she
And sometimes she was he
So if you said ‘he’ then she would feel hurt
And if you said ‘she’ then he would feel hurt
So to live in peace, they settled for ‘they’
And yet there are days, when ‘they’ doesn’t cut it
When they want to be only he
And he only wants to be she
Or then there are those very many moments
Where he and she is a little bit of both she and he
So for the majority of their day, they settle for ‘they’
At ease with their many faces that are but the same
And as for me, I only call them by their beloved name

Sneha Jaiswal