The google doodle today in all its golden yellow splendor is just so damn cute and apt! Its India’s 67th Republic day and for the first time in history, French soldiers are going to march in New Delhi during the celebrations in the national capital. For the uninitiated, 26th Jan is the day India’s constitution came into force and is celebrated with as much fervor as our Independence day and this time French President Francois Hollande is the chief guest (last year it was Obama).

But the reason why the doodle seems just apt is because of the camels! Only a few days back there were news reports that for the first time in sixty-six years, the camel contingent would not take part in the Republic Day celebrations. Many people were bummed out.

But then the government did a rethink on the decision and soon news was out that in keeping with tradition, the camel contingent would take part in the R-Day parade. Perhaps the google doodlers knew this, and they just chose the right animal to make the doodle with. They could have always gone for horse mounted soldiers, but well, the camels seems more grand. The border security forces in the desert region on Thar often use Camels to patrol the area.

Interestingly, this time, there will be a contingent that will also be marching with dogs! That would be a sight to see.

Coming back to the google doodle – they just make us fall in love with every little dedication and celebration of events, people and important things in our life. Sigh.