Almost everyone goes through a phase in their life where it feels like the whole world is suddenly getting married. It usually happens when you are in your mid-twenties, and if you are still single and nowhere close to marriage, you wonder – what the hell?! Here I am confused about what to have for breakfast tomorrow and people are making life changing decisions.

A very dear friend of mine is getting married later this year and she has put a bunch of us on a chat group where she discusses all her plans about her engagement which is only a week from now. The more she talks about the details and the planning required, the more I dread marriage. Some of the stuff that is discussed it definitely hilarious though. Like today she was discussing about the cake she is planning to have for the event. Now here is the problem, she asked her cake designer to make a cake where one tier can have the design of print paper (she is a journalist), and other tier to have Arsenal colors (the boy is well… a boy), well aware of the extreme contrast. Her designer too expressed the same thought but offered her a solution. She showed her a photo of a recent cake she had made for a couple where the guy wanted a batman themed cake and the lady wanted a simple cake. So this is what the cake designer did:

So I am not on pininterest, I do not watch TLC and I am not a big cake fan either and therefore cakes like these are a new brilliant concept of compromise to me! And well, hilarious too. Both the bride and the groom can have their cake and eat it too. Very cool. There was a whole lot of non-interesting cake talk that followed. With me suggesting the friend to go for any color except white, all that white honestly looks like toothpaste to me.

This is the kind of cake my friend is aiming at, but with less tiers, and the chocolate side would be the newspaper print design (black and white, which is still better than only toothpaste white). Oh and the Blue side would be in Arsenal colors. All of us said no to the white gown bride, instead of which the friend is going to go for a nerdy normally dressed journo with glasses. I mean hey, we women have our own obsessions too. I would not even want a cake, but let’s say the guy does, I would want my side to look like a library, I guess. On second thoughts since I do not even have anything for cakes, the guy can have a whole football ground for the entire cake, I could not care less. It would be “have your cake man, I don’t care”.

But on closing thoughts, this split the cake idea is brilliant. If you decide to get married and do not agree with your fiance on the cake design – you know what to do. And if you guys don’t even care for the design but have different flavors in minds, you can just get the cake split in two flavors. So in the end, you definitely can have your cake and eat it too. And yes, I am just repeating it, cause well, just like that.