Did you read my little random list of music recommendations? There’s a song in it called ‘Hello Anxiety’ by a Thai artist that I have been enamored with. Despite the grim title, it’s a fun song, with an upbeat disco vibe to it.

But anxiety isn’t fun, is it?

Absolutely not.

I had an anxiety-ridden weekend; the kind where you just don’t understand what in the freaking world is messing with your head.

‘What is everybody up to? I finally finished editing my book and have passed it on to someone else for proof-reading and basic editing. But I still feel anxious and stressed out’ I messaged in a group that has a few of my closest gal pals.

“Why? You should be celebrating,” one of them said.

See that’s the thing – even I don’t know why. I was really looking to relax and bask in the warmth of relief after having finished a major writing project. The reality was just not in sync with my expectations. Kind of like those reality versus expectation memes. Just not funny though.

When I told husband about how ‘down’ I felt for no tangible reason, he gave me a warm bear hug. Always a nice temporary solution.

And no, it’s nowhere close to that time of the month.

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