Can we skip to the good part? (if an Instagram reel song did not pop up in your head, you are to be envied). Look, if you’ve seen the trailer for the 2022 film, you already know it’s a regular underdog comedy movie to watch with family or friends on the weekend.

Directed by Charles & Daniel Kinnane, the story follows popular football coach Sean Payton, who gets suspended for a year due to a scandal. With no job to get to, he tries to connect with his estranged son and ends up coaching the boy’s 6th grade football team. Kevin James plays a stocky Payton, while Taylor Lautner is a rather haggard looking school coach Troy Lambert, who convinces Payton to help train his boys.

For foreign viewers (like me) who know nothing about the real former Saints coach Sean Payton, it’s best to treat it like any other fictional work of entertainment. And if the makers were trying to redeem the coach’s image, they don’t do a very good job because it’s the child actors who make “Home Team” entertaining. They are a fun bunch and outshine the very forgettable performances by the adult cast. The portrayal of the kids is relatable and warm – they don’t care about winning matches and just want to have a good time when they play.

While adults might not be impressed by the school level humour and tropes, young viewers (especially preteens) might love it. The friendship & support between the boys was the best part about this film. I loved a scene where the whole football team goes to cheer their friend to serenade his crush outside her home. All the boys stand together with paper lanterns, clapping & humming along with their little buddy. I’ve already seen that song-scene at least thrice.

The climax is light-hearted, happy,believable and celebrates team spirit more than anything. So yeah, this is a fun even if forgettable film. Watch it for the kids in it.

It’s a 6/10 from me.

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