<Phone rings>

Him: Hello, this is Jay, how may I be of assistance?

Her: Hehe. It’s me.

Him: Okay, thank you for your refreshing honesty. The brevity and exactitude of your response is astonishing.

Her: Okay… What’s UP?

Him: Umm… No… I’m not sure who I’m talking to…

Her: Don’t you have my number saved?

Him: While that is a good question, prima facie evidence based on the facts if gathered that I took greater than 7 rings to answer the call, gave a generic response on answering and made it clear that I was in fact not sure who I’m talking to probably suggests that I did not have your number saved or if I did, which I don’t by the way, I haven’t checked it. So for our purposes, let’s assume that I do not know who I’m talking to.


Her: Okay


Him: Might the honor of the knowledge of your name be worthy of me?

Her: It’s me, how can you not know?

Him: I have switched to an old Nokia phone which doesn’t have any contacts. Spare a kind favor to the world, oh noble one, Give me thy name

Her: Can’t you guess?

Him: Splendid. As morally fulfilling as this activity promises to be, I however prefer a less meaningful life. Be a dear and let me know your name and the purpose of this call?

Her: How can you not remember me?

Him: Obviously you are a very important contributor in the life of Jay, let me know why you called so I might be able to figure out your name using situational deductions.

Her: Hehe, I called just like that.

Him: Thank you, Thank you so very much.

Her: Remember you borrowed by pen in class 8?

Him: I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but I have always been a clumsy, forgetful oaf, so your inputs though possibly accurate don’t exactly narrow down the list of suspects.

Her: I’m Bhavana, your classmate.

Him; My classmate? When?

Her: School. Remember?

Him: Umm… no. I’m terribly sorry, I cant place you. Did we know each other well?

Her: Not really, you borrowed my pen in class 8 and when I asked for it back, you told me to call you once I get married and that you would give it to me as my wedding gift. I just called to say I got hitched and want my pen back.


Written by – Mr TallDarkandClumsy

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