“I Promised You The Moon”, the sequel to “I Told Sunset About You“, a beautiful coming-of-age Thai series, had a lot of expectations riding on it, and director Meen Tossaphon Riantong doesn’t disappoint.

Starring Putthipong Assaratanakul AKA Bilkin as Teh and Krit Amnuaydechkorn AKA PP as Oh-aew, this season picks off just a little after where the last one ended. Teh & Oh-aew are boyfriends and spending their last day in Phuket together before they start college in Bangkok. Over the course of 5 episodes, their relationship undergoes a lot of changes. Starting off with the simple hardships of studying in different colleges. So this time the story focuses more on the subtle struggles of being in a 21st century relationship.

While season two doesn’t have the scenic visual value of old town Phuket and it’s pristine blue waters, the story is much more layered and interesting this time around. In the burgeoning Bangkok, where life is busier and faster, the two find themselves drifting apart. Teh finds himself drawn to a senior and having a hard time understanding his feelings, all of which is escalated with Oh-aew’s rapidly changing personality. The chemistry between the two actors is just as electric as the first season, from pining for each other, to fawning over the other, they get little nuances of being in a long-time relationship quite right.

Oh-aew’s character sees a lot of growth, which the actor shoulders beautifully. From a clingy, needy boyfriend who shadows Teh, he slowly becomes more independent and emotionally mature over the years. While some fans may get upset with the two popular leads growing apart, the director captures realities of modern relationships quite well. It was also great to see some supportive male-friendships, without any forced toxic complications like some other dramas in the genre.

Episode 4 felt a little melodramatic and there was a cameo by a season one character that seemed very forced; it was pretty evident that the makers were only trying to do some fan-service by bringing a popular character from the previous season back for a little while. The 5th and final episode however compensates for every little flaw that crops up earlier. The background music evokes memories of “I Told Sunset About You” and a lot of emotions are wrapped up in a satisfactory climax. A lot of viewers may end up in tears. It’s a 9/10 from me again.

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