It’s strange to see life grow over graves, to see blooming flowers in full blush softly moving with the evening breeze in a cemetery, it’s all very strangely beautiful. My friend and I were heading back from a visit to a museum in Pune when we saw it. I told him to stop the vehicle. We halted and I went closer to look at what I later came to know is the Khirki War Cemetery.


The gate to the cemetery to my disappointment was closed, pretty sure it’s not open for the general public. So I just stood outside and stared for a while. The grass was perfectly cut, the trees lines neatly, laden with gorgeous flowers and then there were the gravestones in straight horizontal lines that added a touch of moroseness to the place. The cemetery is the resting place of personnel who lost their lives in India during the World War I.


Of all that I saw or passed by in the city of Pune, this memorial will stay in my memory for way longer than the others. This one was not desolate like most cemeteries I have seen, guess the credit goes to the military for maintaining it so well. “If there were no gravestones, this could be a great venue for a nice little Christian wedding”, I said in jest to my friend. The pictures simply fail to capture the strange eerie beauty of the place, but pictures are all we have to remember places from the past.