The first episode of the 2022 series ‘In Your Heart’ looks like such blatant rip-off of the famous 2016 Chinese web-series ‘Addicted Heroine’, it causes second-hand embarrassment to viewers. It’s like a bad, lazy, unimaginative re-hashed script written by some bored fan-writer. Only a few details are shuffled here and there, so it’s a story of two boys living in a poor neighborhood, getting into a bullying incident, having a few pointless friends and finally acknowledging their feelings for each other after some conflict.

Directed by Lin Yun Ming, the 8 episodes long series stars Hu Bo Wen and Hu Shi Wen in the lead roles as childhood best-friends. While the actors do their job sincerely enough, the chaotic production ruins viewing experience. The evidently low-budget isn’t even a problem, but the lack of script (it’s hard to believe the series is based on a web novel) along with random supporting characters whose sub-plots are left unfinished, make it for an annoying watch.

The climactic episode was abrupt, filled with unnecessary aggression, a forced conflict and a disappointing ending. Unless you are fans of the actors or have nothing better to watch, it’s best to skip “In Your Heart”. It’s a 3/10 from me.

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