It’s best for my memory to expunge the experience of watching the 2016 horror film ‘Incarnate’. Directed by Brad Peyton, it stars Aaron Eckhart in the lead role as Dr. Ember, a man who can ‘evict’ evil spirits from the minds of those possessed. When a demon called Maggie enters into a young boy, it’s up to Ember to save the child & battle his own demons.

The biggest problem with ‘Incarnate’ is that the makers try to hard to be ‘cool’ and try to portray ‘exorcism’ as some sort of modern science. So there’s a lot of jargon thrown at us in the beginning, with computers and graphics that are kind of laughable. Dr. Ember is sort of like Professor Xavier from X-Men, he too is bound in a wheelchair, with several wires attached to his head to help him travel into the minds of those ‘possessed’.

The story is ridiculous, has too many loopholes and the slow pace doesn’t help at all. It’s hard to understand why a certain demon likes to mess around with Dr. Ember. The frugal explanations do not add up. Aaron Eckhart tries his best to elevate the script, but it just doesn’t work. Fifteen minutes into the film and I wanted to stop watching it, but those watching with me wanted to finish it, so we did and all of us regretted the decision. There was an interesting plot somewhere in there, but the writers botch it up.

It’s a 3/10 from me. If you still want to watch the movie, it’s available on Amazon Prime.

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