Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

An upcoming Korean director is faced with the ordeal of filming a porno if he doesn’t find a good script for his next film, so he sets out to convince a haughty author to become his screenwriter. Directed by Kim Jin Yeol, 2023 Korean mini-series ‘Individual Circumstances’ promises to be a fiery romance starring Jun.Q and Han Jun Wan as Seong Woon Jae and Ha Yeon Woo respectively.

The protagonists are shown to be close friends until a misunderstanding drives them apart; years later Woon Jae turns out to be the author Yeon Woo wants to work with on his next film. Can the two strike a deal? Lead actors Jun.Q and Seong Woon Jae look spectacular individually, together their chemistry is lacklustre, largely due to the lukewarm mundane script. Han Jun Wan might remind viewers of Park Seo Ham from ‘Semantic Error’, both have the same face-cut and impish boyish charms.  

The cinematography is simple, most of the story unfolds in the premises of Yeon Woo’s house. But the plot of unexciting, using romance tropes that date back to the 1980s and beyond. There’s close to zero humour or fun in the script, it’s a slow flowing vanilla love story. I lost interested by episode six and saw the last two episodes two weeks later just to see how things end. It was predictable through and through. A mediocre show with good looking faces.  

It’s a 5 on 10 from me.

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