‘What the fuck was that?’ I exclaimed while laughing out loud as the trailer for Jennifer Lawrence starrer “No Hard Feelings’ rolled to an end. Lawrence plays a broke-ass Uber driver who doesn’t even have a car anymore in the R-rated comedy. What does a girl do when she has no car and is about to lose her house? Respond to every weird online ad with the promise of quick money!

“Need a car? Date our son this summer and bring him out of his shell before college. In exchange we will give you a Buick Regal” reads an ad. And it’s not a hoax. So Jennifer’s character goes all out to get the boy to date her.

I don’t think I’ve actually seen Jennifer Lawrence in an out-and-out comedy film and ‘No Hard Feelings’ looks pretty hilarious for a mid-range adult comedy flick. And to add to the hype – it’s directed by Gene Stupnitsky, who had written and directed the 2019 comedy ‘Good Boys’, which was so inappropriate and yet so freaking funny. Fans are going to have their hopes up for this one. The exact release date is not out yet, but you can watch the trailer embedded below.