Oh man! I immediately streamed the trailer for ‘Joy Ride’ twice, not because I didn’t understand some stuff, but because it was freaking hilarious!

The movie features Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Woo as a group of friends embarking on a journey across China to assist Ashley’s character in locating her biological mother. However, things take a wild turn when they encounter a drug dealer on a train and end up risking arrest by the police. There’s cocaine everywhere – in condoms, clothes, butt-cracks, what not – and to make things worse, they even lost their passports.

About 90 seconds long, the trailer sort of gives a lot of the story away, but I really hope it doesn’t pack all of the best scenes in. The music is fun, the jokes were exaggeratedly funny and all the actors are ridiculously entertaining in the teaser. Following is the Red Band trailer for the comedy.