I don’t know if it’s my shitty small screen or just poor VFX, but the trailer for “Knights of the Zodiac” looked quite underwhelming, like an ad for a video game. Coming from Sony Pictures, one would expect the cinematography to look a lot more convincing and not like it was made in the early 2000s. Besides, I guess my hopes are sky high for fantasy fiction creations like these, especially after the modestly budgeted “Everything Everywhere All At Once” delivered such a fun fantasy multiverse movie despite its small team for special effects.

“Knights of the Zodiac” is based on the awesome Japanese series “Saint Seiya” and stars the hunky Mackenyu as Seiya, the lead character who’s on a mission to protect a young girl who’s actually the reincarnation of a Goddess. Sounds like a total blast, especially for fans of the fantasy fiction genre. But the trailer kind of warns you to keep your expectations in check and maybe just enjoy it as a guilty pleasure. Bummer, but still worth checking out, I guess?