The 2022 animated Netflix film “Larva Pendant” is a sequel to another movie called “Larva Island” – a fact I wasn’t aware of. So if you are a fan, then maybe you’d like this too. It follows the tale of two bug-like friends Red and Yellow, who are constantly making gross sounds and doing things that make little sense.

Despite being only 30 minutes long, the film is insufferable and heavily realise on exaggerated slapstick humour. Half the time, Red and Yellow are fighting a giant ugly cat the other half they are getting into trouble and acting like super annoying bugs. Apparently it’s meant for kids, but I cannot imagine recommending it any child.

The animation isn’t engaging, the character designs are on the uglier side. There’s just something so disturbing about the way Yellow flares up his nostrils and breathes heavily, makes you wonder if there’s more to what’s happening on the screen. The climax had a weird little twist that supposed to funny, but was just tiresome.

Honestly, this movie was just not for me… so not going to rate it.