“Love and War” continues to be about tug-of-war, the literal game and the metaphorical internal battles we all wage within ourselves. Issue #3 of the comic book series by Andrew Wheeler and Killian NG begins with a vibrant display of violet hues, featuring a character going for an early morning jog in a picturesque neighborhood. After this somewhat random introduction, the story shifts its focus to Aster Academy’s Tug-of-War team and their preparations for the upcoming championship. But there’s also the internal tension within the team over the captaincy!

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Most of #issue 3 unfolds in the outdoors, so the pages are a bright splash of colors. Protagonist Domo and Jocasta engage in a face-off to determine who is better suited to lead their team, while on the sidelines, a silent rivalry brews between the exuberant Emil and the serious Gabriel for Domo’s attention. Ah, teenage love and drama… such fun. The plot and emotional dynamics between the various characters progress at lightning speed, and Issue #4 turns is be jam-packed with romantic shenanigans.

While Domo’s character is sincere and adorable, Jocasta is slightly cuckoo and her zest for captaincy is scary. Both of them are facing relationship troubles in their personal lives and readers will have to read issue #5 to find out if the two can get their act together and lead their team to victory or at least score some points in love. The series has been entertaining thus far, so if you’re looking for a fun yet dramatic teen sports-themed romance, be sure to pick up all five issues.

“Love and War” is available to download on Kindle Unlimited.

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