“I wanna sue Love Guaranteed”

“The dating website?”

“I have gone on 986 dates and not one of them has provided me love!”

“You have been on 986 dates with human women?”

That’s how the conversation starts between the lead pair in the trailer for “Love, Guaranteed” a new Netflix film that’s supposed to be a chick flick. The plot is pretty interesting – Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.) hires lawyer Susan (Rachael Leigh Cook) to sue a site for fraud because they guarantee one would find love via them, provided they go on at least 1000 dates. Classic ‘gotcha’ case.

Here’s the deal – just watch the trailer and that is pretty much the entire film. The 2 minute 46 seconds teaser gives you a fair idea of what is going to happen. You know that Nick is going to fall in love with the laywer and that the lawsuit will hit a hiccup. I decided to watch it anyway, hoping it would be fun, but all I got was – cliched, boring, sappy, silly stuff.

While Damon Wayans is quite charming and sweet as Nick, his charm cannot compensate for the blandness of Racheal Leigh Cook, who plays the ‘do-gooder’ lawyer. There is very little chemistry between the two. And there was this super fake, forced idiotic little scene in the middle of the film where Nick and Susan end up baby-sitting a kid who is supposed to be a nightmare. The makers have probably never dealt with kids.

Despite being only 90 minutes long, including credits, ‘Love, Guaranteed’ was a drag, with caricatured characters and predictable twists. It was barely funny and had very little romance. Okay, well, it did get a few little laughs from me, but they were too few. I could’ve done without watching this one and husband cursed me for wasting his time. If you still want to watch it, you always have the fast-forward button to help you skip the slower bits.