Not only are the stories completely individual but so are the characters. One never seems to be a reflection of another, each with their own personalities that come through brilliantly. They are instantly relatable and personable; I saw something in all of them which I also see in myself.

It’s the individuality that comes with every story and every character
that led me to my album choice. The Party is a 2016 album by singer/
songwriter Andy Shauf, it is a beautiful album that you should listen
to immediately. The whole thing takes place at, you guessed it, a party,
where each song is about a different person there. Each track takes its
own shape around that person’s feelings, insecurities and problems.
Andy captures these different and relatable points of view in a way which is parallel to Sneha’s ability to do the same thing in her book.

Dale Maplethorpe on “Love, Loss, Lockdown”

A new independent UK magazine reviewed my debut fiction book ‘Love, Loss, Lockdown’ and it made my weekend. Dale the founder has this cool concept of comparing the books he reviews with a music album and it actually turned out very well.

For the full review you can download their magazine ‘This Is Empty”. It’s a quick breezy issue and the theme for the first one is ‘Lockdown’.

My book is a collection of short stories set against the Covid19 pandemic. Here are some country specific links to get the book –

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If I’ve missed your country, look for it on Amazon or on your kindle store. Also, do leave a little review if you can, it helps independent writers like me.