Hello there, if you are planning to watch ‘Love Victor’ Season Three, but don’t remember much from the second volume, we are here to rescue you!

The cute shy protagonist Victor starts off in a happy relationship with hot boyfriend Benji, but still needs to come out to everybody at school. Victor used to be in a relationship with popular student Mia, and folks just assume she dumped him for someone else and spread vile rumours about her being a cheater. To set the record straight, Victor publicly announces he is gay, but this leads to problems with his basketball team, as some of the guys turn out to be homophobes.

At home, things aren’t great either, Victor’s mother is uncomfortable about his sexuality and is mean to Benji. This leads to some friction between the boyfriends, and the makers finally address the issue of ‘white gay privilege’. Benji just doesn’t understand the complexities of being gay in a conservative Christian mixed-race household. So, when Victor is introduced to Rahim, a gay Muslim teen seeks advice on coming to his parents, the two quickly become close friends.

Meanwhile, Victor’s friends are dealing with their own troubles. Estranged ex-girlfriend Mia starts dating a college boy who turns out to be an asshole. Neighbour and bestie Felix Weston is facing serious problems – his mother’s mental health is spiralling out of control, and the burden of unpaid bills falls on his shoulders. Trying to balance between side hustles and school takes a toll on Felix’s relationship with girlfriend Lake. It’s Victor’s sister Pilar who helps Felix out in times of need and has a serious crush on him. (The two end up dating by the way)

Things between Victor and Benji continue to be strained, especially after it’s revealed Benji has an alcohol problem and has been trying to be clean. With sparks flying between Victor and Rahim, season two ends with a cliff-hanger – Victor turning up at someone’s door. Is he going to talk things out with Benji or is he going to start something new with Rahim?

Season three should answer our questions.